Jule Pattison-Gordon

Hello There!


I’m a  writer in the Greater Boston area. I love working with narrative — writing, editing, anything to do with making good stories happen.

Types of Writing

  • Journalism
  • Board and Card Games
  • Copywriting
  • Fiction
  • Travel Blogging

Recent News

I published  “For the Glory of the Motherboard,” a light novella with Eye4Games about robots who get tired of being treated like tools and plot an uprising. The book tells the stories of characters who appear in the board game Rise of the Robotariat and reads as a standalone.

More about Me

I’ve toured a bit of the publishing industry, interning at a Young Adult literary agency, then completing Columbia’ Summer Publishing Course (2013) and spending a year as an editorial assistant at Springer Science  + Business Media, followed by working as an editorial, administrative, and public relations assistant at the women’s fiction and romance publisher Penner Publishing. From 2015 to fall 2017 I was a staff reporter for The Bay State Banner. I currently write for PYMNTS.

I have a B.A. in creative writing from Carnegie Mellon (2013) and currently am the lead writer for the board game startup Eye4Games and a content writer. My freelance writing includes board game rulebooks and research-intensive narrative non-fiction.

Find me on LinkedIn.


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