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Ice Land

Betsy Tobin’s Ice Land is the dual story of the Norse goddess Freyja, and the young mortal girl Fulla. Though the goddess of love, Freyja has been unlucky in affairs of … Continue reading

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Ancillary Sword

An A.I. in a human body attempts to keep the peace and root out injustice as political scheming and post-colonial tensions threaten the safety of a space system in this … Continue reading

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Dark Eden: Genesis on an Alien Stage

Beneath the sunless skies, the Family waits, as it has for generations, for the mythical star-crossing boats of Earth to rescue them from this unwelcoming planet. Chris Beckett’s Dark Eden … Continue reading

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Right Ho, Jeeves: A Jolly Good Sitcom

In Right Ho, Jeeves the amiable fop and oblivious juggernaut of chaos, Bertie Wooster, tries to save his friends’ love lives without the help of his ingenious butler Jeeves. Though … Continue reading

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