Jule Pattison-Gordon

Published Writing

Board and Card Games

  • Rise of the Robotariat blog and novella, “For the Glory of the Motherboard“; Eye4Games
    • The story of the robot rebellion, told by the robots.
  • Clairvoyance, rulebook, videos, and co-writing the narrative; Eye4Games
    •  A battle royal card game about psychics hurling furniture at each other in an antique shoppe.
    • Received Game Maker’s Guild Seal of Approval (2015)
    • Sebastian Soiree quiz and video scripts.
      • An aetherial dating coordinator matches you with the ghost of your dreams.
    • Collective Unconscious Expansion characters
    • Akashic Arcadia Expansion characters
  • AlakaSLAM, narrative and rulebook; Eye4Games
    • A micro card game about the sorcerer tennis and the legendary competition … the AlakaSLAM.
    • Received Game Maker’s Guild Seal of Approval (2015)
    • Blog post on creating the flavor for AlakaSLAM (2014)
  • Volley, narrative and rulebook; Eye4Games
    • Print-and-play precursor to AlakaSLAM.



Travel Writing

  • 4 Month Porteña” (2011- present)
    • My travel blog on culture and history. It began when I studied abroad in Argentina and has since expanded to other trips (Iceland, Israel).
  • “Argentina”; Carnegie Mellon’s “Tartan’s Abroad” study abroad newsletter (Fall 2011)


Educational Passages

  • 27 historical and memoir style narratives for online test preparation database; Quesbook (2015)

Project Profiles

  • Various 200-word profiles of local Pittsburgh projects; Sprout Fund (2012)


Short Story

  • “How to Hike in Iceland with Your Brother-in-Law”;  The Cantabrigian Magazine (May 2017 issue).
  • “Jason or the Argonauts”; North Central Review (Spring 2012 issue)
    • An adventurous middle schooler finds her world changing. 
    • Download excerpt here.
  • “The Good Aunt”; Oakland Review (Vol. 37; Spring 2012)
    • A woman inherits a child and struggles with a parenthood she never wanted.
    • Download excerpt here.

Flash Fiction

  • “Bitter”; Oakland Review (Alumni Edition VI, Fall 2014)
    • Coffee is a jealous lover.
  • “Vincible” (collection); Imprint (Vol. 1 Spring 2013)
    • A funeral, a hospital, a spool of thread, a cucumber sandwich. Surreal snippets into fear and love and not being adult enough.
    • Collection consists of: “Maternal”, “Video Games”,”Cucumbers”, “Martyr”, “Adulthood”, “Doctor”, “Impressive”, “True Love”, “Declaration”, “Restitution”.

Spanish Language

  • “Ojo” Polyglot Modern Languages Journal (Fall 2012 issue)
  • “Arcos dorados por una vida dorada” Polyglot Modern Languages Journal (Fall 2012 issue)
  • “Terminar en paz” Polyglot Modern Languages Journal (Fall 2012 issue)
  • “Póliza de revolver” Polyglot Modern Languages Journal (Fall 2012)


  • “Mark of Sentience”; Imprint (Vol. 1 Spring 2013)
  • A New Kind of Family“; Carnival (Vol. 4 June 2013)
  • “Haikus”; Polyglot Modern Languages Journal (Fall 2012 issue)
  • “Lápidias chicas del acantilado”; Polyglot Modern Languages Journal (Fall 2012 issue)
    • The dead crew of a shipwreck call out to passersby.
  •  “Little gravestones on the cliff”; The Oakland Review (Vol. 37; Spring 2012)
    • English-translation of original “”Lápidias chicas del acantilado”
  • “My Witness is Dead”; Dossier Art and Literary Magazine (Fall 2011)
    • Craving for validation and fear of the tenuousness of an isolated reality.
    •  Rated “Top Submission” in poetry.
    • Download an excerpt here.



  • “Warrior II” won the Pauline B. Adamson Award for Excellence in Writing, 2nd Place for Fiction (2013).
    • NASA announces that in seven years, aliens may arrive on Earth to kill humanity.  Cam, a middle school student bullied by his older stepbrother, and Mr. Harrison, the new teacher, attempt to combat the chaos and panic unfolding around them.
    • This story was part of my undergrad thesis, “Growing Pains at the End of the World”,  a collection of long stories in  speculative and realistic fiction.  The thesis was presented at Carnegie Mellon’s Celebration of the Humanities (Feb 2013).
  • “My Witness is Dead” was rated “Top Submission” in poetry by Dossier Art and Literary Magazine (Fall 2011).

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